Applications for Club in a Box loan 2021

It’s the time again when applications are being welcomed for the ‘Club in a Box’ packages.

The great news is that in the coming loan period there are three (3) CIAB packages, so more people can benefit from the project that first took to the water in 2017 following funding from the CPGA, Sport England, British Rowing and St Austell Brewery.

Then two packages (CIAB 1 = Seven Stars / Tribute, CIAB 2 = Walter Hicks / Korev) – GRP training gig, set of oars, set of seats, cover, pins, trailer, basically everything that you need to get on the water and row.

They were welcomed enthusiastically by all, from both within the CPGA membership and general rowing community.

The CIAB was introduced to get fledgling clubs up and running at minimum expense so that they can:
• Get people out on the water rowing
• Growing their membership
• Raise funds for their own Cornish Pilot Gig and therefore be able to race and become full members of the CPGA

The first GRP training gig was launched at Christchurch, where they were both built by Rossiter’s Yachts Ltd on a glorious sunny day in February 2017. Named ‘Seven Stars’ (Tribute), the second launched at Torpoint in July 2017 named ‘Walter Hicks’ (Korev). Both names are references to St Austell Brewery who were part of the funding group as well as a long-term sponsor of the CPGA.

The first ‘Seven Stars’ named after the first St Austell Brewery pub. ‘Walter Hicks’ named after the Brewery’s founding father who set up in business in 1851

The third has yet to be branded and launched, but we will keep all updated-on progress.

The clubs who have benefitted from the project to date are:
• London Cornish, London – 12 months – Seven Stars (Tribute) based at Richmond
• Newhaven, Sussex – 12 months – Seven Stars (Tribute) based at Newhaven
• Torpoint Rowers, Cornwall – 24 months – Walter Hicks (Korev) based in Torpoint
• Portishead, North Somerset – 12 months (although due to Covid longer) – Seven Stars (Tribute) based at Portishead
• Lewes, Sussex – 12 months (although due to Covid longer) – Walter Hicks (Korev) based at Lewes

All clubs have gone on to purchase a Cornish Pilot Gig and are now all full members of the CPGA.

All clubs who have benefitted from the loan of CIAB 1 and 2 have commented that

The initial reasons for applying for CIAB :
• To enable new and existing rowers to row in a gig (as clubs who had yet to own a gig)
• An opportunity to expand rowing for the local community
• To enable the clubs to generate income to buy a Cornish Pilot Gig and satisfy the growth of membership at the club
• To test the appetite for gig rowing within the local community

CIAB has been a great success as:
• More rowers have taken to the water (novices / open training)
• Resulted in an increase in club membership
• The additional boat, in some cases has maximised water time
• Due to the low cost of the CIAB rental it has allowed the club to build up finances to purchase a gig.
• Raised the profile of gig rowing as a result of the bright, visually grabbing GRP boats.
• They are great advertising material for any community event as they are eye catching and draw people’s attention which leads to discussion and then potentially people on the water.

Who has benefitted the most with the CIAB at the clubs:
• Newcomers to rowing
• They also allowed those training for the World Championships to continue ‘on water’ training once their gig(s) had travelled to the Isles of Scilly.
• Community groups eg scout groups
• The Seven Stars (Tribute) also took part in an expedition across Scotland rowing from Fort William to Inverness. So the explore rowing membership of the club.
• The Walter Hicks (Korev) was rowed by a Cornish Barbarian crew for a charity row in aid of Bowel Cancer from Looe to Portmellon, Mevagissey.

As for the lasting legacy for the clubs
• It’s raised the visibility of the club within the local area / community.
• The growth in membership
• The promotion of gig rowing, both locally and in general
• Continued to raise interest in the Cornish Pilot Gig’s heritage

The CPGA membership continues to grow. The CIAB project has been a great benefit to those clubs who have been involved to date. With the continued growth of the sport and the third CIAB, even more people will have the chance to get on the water and experience gig rowing.

The application form is now live for the next round of submissions and ClubInABox Application Dec2020, with a deadline of Saturday 9th January, 2021. Seven Stars (Tribute) and Walter Hicks (Korev) will be available from potentially January 2021, covid dependant on movement etc. ‘
The 3rd CIAB has yet to be launched and will come online late January/early February – fingers crossed.

Any club who is interested is welcome to apply.