Our Clubs are amazing organisations run by volunteers.

We estimate that over 500 people are involved in the governance, maintenance and coaching elements of our member clubs. As a result, thousands of people are enjoying the opportunity to row, from social rowers exploring the coastline to highly trained oarsmen and women competing at the highest level. In some of our more isolated or seasonal communities our Clubs are important in bringing people together and are the hub of the community.

Although all of our Full Member Clubs are all home to at least one Cornish Pilot Gig, they are diverse in their approach to the sport, their social activities and their locations. If you are interested in joining a Club it may be worth trying a session in more than one club to find out which one suits you best. Many of our Clubs offer taster sessions for beginners with no need for previous rowing experience or specialist kit to take part.

We are committed to supporting the growth and development of our sport so if you are considering setting up a new Club we are here to help. Take a look at the ‘Guidance note – Gig Rowing Clubs – legal structures‘.