Gifting of Circe

In October there was the announcement that Nankersey Rowing Club was to reunite with Flushing Mylor Pilot Gig Club.

This has resulted in a deed of gift for ‘Circe’ Cornish Pilot Gig No 37 to the CPGA, a truly great donation by the Nankersey Club which will official be dissolved on the 31st December 2018.

‘Circe’ was built by Andrew Nancarrow in 1995 for Truro Rowing Club, she was later to become the property of Nankersey in 2008 where she has remained until now.

‘Circe’ has been donated with her trailer, cover, set of oars, first aid kit and throw line.

Chair of the CPGA Trustees – Shane Sullivan commented ‘I would like to thank the Nankersey Club for their generosity in donating ‘Circe’ and associated trailer, oars etc to the CPGA, this is the first time that this has been done and shows the Community spirit within the Association.’

‘We will now use the profits from the sale of the Gig to go towards assisting the growth of the Sport, particularly new emerging clubs, by adding a 3rd ‘Club in a Box’ GRP Training Gig to the 2 existing gigs built by Rossiter Yachts.’

‘Circe’ will be offered for sale initially to new clubs, as per the wishes of the those donating her.

The directors of Nankersey say ‘We hope she gives a new club the same fine service that she has given Nankersey.’

Expressions of interest and for more information please contact by the 15th December, 2018.

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