Club in a Box GRPs new homes

‘Seven Stars’, the first GRP of the ‘Club in a Box’ project will shortly be moving to her new home of West London. She will be under the watchful eyes of the ever-growing London Cornish Pilot Gig Club rowing the River Thames. Then in her second year she will move to the newly formed Newhaven Gig Club in Sussex. The second GRP, yet to be named and completed will take to the waters around Torpoint under the care of TMSC Rowers for the full two year duration.

The ‘Club in a Box’ project has generated much interest from the rowing community. There were several expressions of interest from a large geographical area and from different disciplines within rowing. From the expressions of interest a number of applications were received. Some clubs withdrew at this stage due to lack of storage, but are determined to work on these issues and apply in the next round of applications which will open in December 2018 with potential allocation in April 2019.

The project aims to facilitate rowing for all, allowing new areas to experience gig rowing whilst building capacity in their clubs both in terms of membership numbers and fund raising for their own traditional Cornish Pilot Gig.

London Cornish chair Pete Chalkley and TMSC Rowers chair Lisa Hocking have expressed their delight at being chosen as the first recipients of the project and are already planning ‘open events’ for all who wish to attend.

The CPGA are extremely grateful to British Rowing, Sport England and St Austell Brewery for funding in the form of grants and sponsorship that enabled this project to come to life and help in the furthering of gig rowing for all.

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