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Are you a gig rower?

If you are it’s important that you have your say about the future of the sport.

The CPGA is currently writing a 5 year strategic plan for the sport and now is the chance to have your say.

Step 1: Watch the video below (grab a brew and get comfy – it’s 18 minutes long)
Step 2: Complete the survey below
Step 3: Add a public comment below to share your thoughts

Submission deadline is Dec 31st 2016

STEP 1: Watch this video

STEP 2: Complete this survey

Complete the survey below, or follow this link to complete it on Survey Monkey.

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  2. Interesting video and comments. We row Harkers Yard gigs here on the east coast in and round the Blackwater/Thames Estuary. We only have 18 traditionally built gigs at the moment with up to 14 racing regularly throughout a very competitive winter season. Harkers Yard gigs were only established in 2012 but a lot of what was said here applies now and may do so even more in the future. http://pioneerck18.org/page8/page12/index.html

  3. There are many rowers like myself who are 60+ and have been lucky enough to compete competively and it would be great to continue, so perhaps a new category could be created to facilitate this.

  4. I am a recent convert from the sliding seat brigade and I think it’s the best sport since sliced bread.
    I believe because of the large amount of veterans rowing ,due to the fact that this is one of the only sports anyone can participate in,there should be more veteran categories than there is.
    At the moment 50 years old is the starting age of the final category .
    So light heartedly why not have for example Vets @40,super vets @50,dinosaurs @60 and fossils 70 and above.
    ps I am a dinosaur.

  5. Let’s just keep spreading the word . The birth of the London club has the potential to make things really take off outside the south west.

  6. Does the CPGA have any influence on the Dutch, American, and Bermudan clubs, and are there any thoughts about defining professional rowers?

  7. Creating a personal membership akin to the British rowing one where you get insurance whilst taking part in the sport would be good and of mutual benefit.
    No offence to British rowing but I’d rather pay the CPGA if they could do something like that.
    Great work from the CPGA and looking forward to seeing the five year plan.

  8. Thanks for asking for our opinions. The future of the sport looks bright, as long as it doesn’t lose what makes it so popular in the first place.

  9. As a growing sport here on the East Coast I can see your dilemma you have with the growing numbers of clubs and trying to fit everyone in at venues being something that will soon be happening here. Agree it’s very important to look after every rower not just the racers.

  10. A video on the art of good gig rowing would be good! One sport but oh so many different techniques – what is right? Does anyone know?

    1. Agree completely on all remarks relating to more vet categories – 60+ for eg. This is the group that often set up gig clubs and still make a major contribution to their clubs. We miss competitive rowing . We need a realistic age category. We do not do the work we do to be denied this opportunity.

  11. Great idea, I row Harkers yard Gigs on the east coast and fast approaching 70! So it will be no surprise I have been relegated to the number two boat. We have many members of the different clubs that are ancient, so a class for us would be good.
    Should add that we put many younger rowers to shame?

  12. Agree, with the growing older profile, more Vet categories would be good. But, I think resources need to be directed towards encouraging the younger/senior members, perhaps by targeting ‘youth’ rowing more, and endeavouring to retain more of them into senior crews. (Maybe target universities, especially in the west, to get involved?)

  13. For me the most important aspect if gig rowing is how it can help to bring a community together with a common interest. And even more importantly how all ages and whole families can participate together with a shared experience. I could go on.

  14. I agree with the comments in regard to older rowers. There seems to be a lot of fit older people around who want to keep rowing and more categories are needed. It’s great to see the sport spreading so much and as an island it would be wonderful to see clubs round the whole coast! Long way to go, but you are doing a great job.

  15. Great work by the CPGA. Should the governing body be renamed as 69 clubs in 9 counties….some international clubs too. Just a thought. Look forward to the 5 year plan.

  16. The comments regarding older rowers and the smaller clubs are very pertinent, so please give us wrinklies and smaller clubs a thought with regard to events, training tecniques etc. I think the technique video suggestion sounds great

  17. Great to see the cpga thinking ahead and getting an overall insight of what it’s rowers wish for. I Look forward to seeing these results in the near future.
    Myself being a participant since the early eighties I agree with the comments made by some of the more seasoned rowers that perhaps some more age related events could be considered throughout the season.

  18. Good to get a feel for the structure and work of the CPGA.

    I like the idea of expanding the opportunities for older vets, I’m in the Dinosaur category and still like to row competitively.

  19. Good to see the committee moving forward. It must be a full time job for some of the members of the committee and they should be paid for their work. This should be possible with the amount of clubs/members that the CPGA have.

  20. Agree completely with comments on the need for realistic vet categories, eg 60+. We are often the people who have founded clubs and continue to work to sustain them. We do not do this to miss out on the buzz of competitive rowing.

  21. I think the step to update the classification of the charity so that serving officer aren’t personally responsible is a very good idea, I wish the serving and future officers good luck, as the monster that is gig rowing will continue to grow and keeping “all” the “enthusiasts” happy is often a loveless task.
    But I hope that everyone involved in planning the sports future, remembers, that there’s a whole lot of experience out there, and occasionally ideas, good ideas can come from unexpected places. And I hope all rowers new and Old, experienced and novice appreciate the time given by the organisers of the rowing year, from the World pilot Gig association, to the CPGA to the NRC..

  22. What bugs me is that nobody ever thinks of us boats. It’s alright for you rowers, you stay dry. But us boats get soaking wet & the size of some of the lady rowers’ backsides!! You should try ’em sitting on you & see how much you like it.

  23. Great work CPGA. My only concern is the two major events in the year, World Championships and Newquay, are out growing their revenues.

  24. Great input from those involved taking this sport forward at all levels. Although only an occasional rower myself, it is a fantastic and much enjoyed sport on our river. Those a whippersnapper-shade over 50+ regularly row 3 times a week. Suggestion of technique video sounds a great idea.

  25. Great work . How do we fit in with British Rowing? BR have coaching courses and great films on technique . My preference is Keep it varied and with local character. For all the elite hype most clubs have a large vet and super vet category and some rowers with disabilities the idea of a ‘broad church’ keeps community and character and I suspect is a significant ingredient in the success of the sport. Not much mention so far of how many women gig rowing has got into sport and team sports. This has to be one of our successes.

  26. I agree that more age groupings are needed over the age of 50; there are supervets competing against other supervets 20 to 25 years younger. However the preponderence of older rowers in many clubs is also a problem and more effort is needed to recruit and retain younger rowers. Clubs with Junior sections often do well in recruiting under 14 and under 16 year-olds, but many of these drift away when, for example, they leave for university. Establishing gig boat clubs in universities may help this problem, also ‘sport’ universities (eg Loughborough and Marjon in Plymouth) could establish gig rowing coaching courses.

    1. High, our Club the UCSC, (university community sailing club) is joined to the UOE. We have tried our hardest to get students interested over the last 4 years, taken gigs to freshers day, and put it in the rag and gym club mag. Out of 12000 students we managed to get zero.
      To them it’s not sexy enough, they even have some coaxed 6s and 8s and they are very underused.
      A lot of its seems that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the older generation love the lines and grace of of gigs, a bit like loving vintage sports cars, where the younger people think an MX5 is the coolest thing since sliced bread. The younger generation as a whole, would prefer to sail a foiler, or moth.
      If we can get anyone under 35 it’s seen as a gift from God.
      But the upside is all our other local clubs are in the same boat (no pun intended) so we happily turn out for our races every other weekend, and praise the lord that we still enjoy rowing these wonderful craft in the company of friends.

  27. I think it will be very interesting to see how you get on with your plans to move forward & making this a more professional set-up, the very best of luck with your endeavours & I hope that you get plenty of good feedback to help with this.
    This point has already been raised by several other people but I believe that there could be more supervets events run separately from the normal regattas but then again I do fall into this age category so perhaps I would think this.
    I think also that there could be greater leeway on allowing composite crews to enter gigs at regattas – a large number of rowers do row with other clubs to make up numbers on the day but it would be good to be able to do this at Tribute events & the like. It is a great opportunity to row with friends from other clubs, to make new ones & test yourself against your peers. Personally I think that I have also expanded my learning when given the opportunity to row with other clubs & have made plenty of good friends. I accept that these boats wouldn’t be eligible for points but it would still give more people the opportunity to row.

  28. Its fabulous to be part of such an accessible, amazing sport that’s got such a positive outlook. Cornish Pilot Gig Clubs are dynamic local sports enterprises that deliver so many benefits in rural, and often isolated communities. The positive impact that Gig Clubs have combined across the the region is really very significant. Benefits that include increased fitness, health, well-being, bringing people of different ages together in a positive environment, economic, opportunities for young people and older people – the list goes on and on. The success of the CPGA has also been in creating and developing a sport that has forged strong links between coastal towns through their shared heritage of sea rowing. Anyway it would be great to somehow carry out an impact assessment and case studies that could be used by CPGA and the clubs themselves to support grant and other funding applications.

  29. Gig Rower could host a ‘Wickepedia’ type source of everything to do with gig rowing. It could contain, for example, a directory of clubs and contacts, all of the CPGA publications, names of boat builders, regatta diary, articles on rowing techniques, guides to legal status of clubs etc. The list is endless and, in a Wickepedia-type set up the contributions would come from the readers themselves.

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